Thursday, August 8, 2013

What is happening with Your Grandma?

What new news do you have to share about your grandmother?
 I am a grandmother. My granddaughters spent a month with me here in Benson, North Carolina. They had the opportunity to go to church, camp, library, and help me with a yard sale. We also went to" Go Outside and Play" where we played and had a great time. If you are in North Carolina, then take your grandchildren to "Go Outside and Play" Be a kid grandma  with the kids.

Don't forget to share about your grandmother. I am looking forward to learning something about your grandmother.

Vanzide Darden

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Share Your memories of Your Grandma

Today, I invite you to share your memories of your grandma. My website Grandma Gives to is dedicated to grandmothers. Grandmothers are the vital entity of the family. Grandmothers ties all the generations together. Here I offer you the opportunity to keep grandma alive by sharing your fond memories and what your grandma gave to you. I will treasure these memories; as I have treasured my own memories of my grandmother Ozelia Randolph Parker. Grandma Gives to You is still being developed; in the mean time share your grandmother's memories with Grandma Gives To You. Go to ht For now click on the contact button to share your story. Looking forward to some amazing stories about your grandmothers.

Share today! You will bless someone with your memories of your grandma.
Grandma Gives To You,
Vanzide Darden
Founder and Executive Director